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Back to my roots

It has been back to my roots in the month of June. I and my 15 year old daughter have traveled back to Cornwall, England, and to London. It is her 16th birthday present from my parents and it has been very much enjoyed and appreciated. However, we are starting to wrap it up – just one more long weekend and we will be back in Tennessee.

So…. revisiting my haunts. Not exactly eye-opening, but definitely some clear reminders. We can change, but our past made us who we are and we can’t and shouldn’t deny it. A couple of popular references that come to mind are “It’s all fun and games until somebody loses an eye” by Christopher Brookmyre and the movie “Sweet Home Alabama”.

I feel as if I have come from a lot of contradictions. But not really. It is the patchwork that makes up me. Punk rock wannabe, Oxbridge candidate, straight A’s, hair dyed red (and blue and silver), bartender, daddy’s girl, NME aficionado, philosophy reader in my spare time. And now a mother of three. Three fantastic individuals who are going to make their own way in life.

One thing I have learned from this trip is that I need to embrace the whole that is me and enjoy it. I am unique. I have a lot to offer. And at this point in my life it is more than potential – I have really been there, done that. So I need to value it more. So from here on out I will continue to learn and think, but I will never devalue the experience and knowledge I have already gained.